Course: Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention

Lead Instructor: Alon Stivi
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The ACT Cert™ Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention course provides up-to-date information and practical knowledge necessary to effectively address the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism in the medical workplace. There is also a hands-on version of this course available.

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In this video we demonstrate how quickly a simple customer service issue can escalate. This short video gives you a realistic glance into much of the topics which will be covered in the following lessons. These topics include handling disgruntled patients, effective emergency communication, violent behavior signs, and much more. As you watch this segment, ask yourself: are your staff and clinic prepared to handle a potentially deadly emergency?

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Indicators and Warnings

Understanding attack pre-cursors provide early warning and can help prevent attacks. To prevent attacks, we must recognize risk factors and violence tendencies and recognize behavioral indicators.

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Violence is Preventable! To prevent violence our focus must remain on identifying people with violent intentions, not understanding them.

Prevention is being pro-active and anticipating potential risks and mitigating them before they happen. In order to recognize risk factors, identify attack pre-cursors and issue timely alerts, we must know how to gauge the Accuracy, Relevancy and Timeliness (ART) of the information collected. This can be done successfully by adhering to Best Practices addressed in this lesson.

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In order to survive Active Shooter or terrorist attacks, people at the scene must be able to work together and take immediate actions. In life threatening circumstances, we automatically resort to employing skills and a plan that have been practiced previously. We have no time, nor the presence of mind, to plan and execute a new course of action when under duress. Pre-incident training in effective response improves personal safety.

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The next tragedy can be prevented and more lives would be saved if we focused on training on what to do to save ourselves when the next attack occurs. We must know what to expect and how to ACT when escape is impossible and help is delayed. Remember that life is beautiful, and it is worth fighting for!

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  1. Understand the Course topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

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Alon Stivi

Alon Stivi is the CEO of Direct Measures International (DMI), a provider of in security consultancy, tactical training and protective services to the private and public sectors. He is a recognized authority on security, dignitary protection, travel safety, counterterrorism, mass violence prevention and survival.

He is the founder of ACT Cert® (Attack Countermeasures Training Certification) online learning university and the developer of the Mass Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course, the only training program of its kind certified and funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Alon has emigrated to the U.S. from Israel after serving in an elite unit of the IDF. He is a combat veteran of the 1982 Lebanon War and has trained troops for combat in the areas of small unit tactics, airborne operations, close combat and emergency medicine.